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Aug 26 2010

We just released an update to Pennyweight our professional precious metal / gold calculator. http://ping.fm/E7sQ4 iphone gold

Jul 15 2010

Press release for Pennyweight 1.3 available for immediate release. Find it here: http://ping.fm/4Wovx iphone app gold calculator

Jun 30 2010

Update for FARK App now available. Complete overhaul to the user interface for iPhone 4’s retina display and a move from AdMob to iAds.

Jun 26 2010

Watch for new versions of our Fark app and FAILApp for iOS 4 and iPhone 4 coming soon.

Jun 03 2010

Our new FAILApps (free and paid versions) just hit the store. If you like FAIL pictures then check them out. http://ping.fm/kR3ml

Apr 26 2010

Working on updates to our MakeUseOf, Fark, and Fark Pro apps before the next big project. http://ping.fm/Z4qeW

Apr 13 2010

The forthcoming makeuseof app is in review. It should be released this week. http://ping.fm/JLYTE

Mar 31 2010

We have now served up over 1 million impressions! Thank you to everyone using and enjoying our apps. http://ping.fm/JHFFw

Mar 30 2010

Go Lifehacker App! Getting featured on the AppStore really makes a difference. Go check it out in the “New and Noteworthy” section.

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